"Just want to thank you for your dedication, your commitment, your early research paper on Covid and the mast cell. We are listening! And your decades of research on the mast cell have greatly benefited and helping prevent prophylactically and treating Covid. We are extremely grateful for your knowledge and culture of sharing.  NueroProtek is working remarkably!  Thank you again!!!"
Shar Borchardt 



September 27, 2018





Videos of autistic children who spoke after taking NeuroProtek.




Dr. Theoharides with actress/author Ms. Jenny McCarthy who stated publically that her son who had been on the autism spectrum has been greatly helped by the dietary supplement NeuroProtek that Dr. Theoharides helped develop to help the body reduce brain inflammation.





"Jimmy has been on NeuroProtek for over a year now and he says the NeuroProtek has greatly helped his allergy symptoms, asthma and overall concentration, ability to focus and brain fog."

(above photo) Jimmy and little sister Claire at the Autism Education Summit with Dr. Theo.




"Ella had an absolutely amazing time visiting your lab. I'm so glad we went, she may never have had that opportunity and may never have known how much it interested her!"






Daniel speaks after taking NeuroProtek


Daniel - Jingle Bells Daniel's best.


A year after the previous video from the same child, Newman Milke.


Boy with autism and limited language originally provides testimonial after NeuroProtek® use (Video)


Boy with autism and very limited language originally sings Christmas Carols after Neuroprotek® use. (Video)



“I wanted you to know that I have a 16yo on NeuroProtek now for 2 weeks. He is doing fantastic. This feedback is from his teacher…”
J B MD,”

“Hi Dr. Theoharides,
I have two twin daughters, one a vibrant, inquisitive three year old with all the typical three year old traits and the other, closed off, no language, no social interaction and typical stims that I have seen from other typical children with Autism. Just talking her to the store was too much for them as she would scream at anyone new and start movements… Dr. Clements new about NeuroProtek and told Kandy to start on it.. She informed me that this was the only reason she could stop in was because her daughter was downstairs with a friend at the restaurant and for the first time in years she did not have to worry about leaving her. Her daughter had become a calmer version of herself… On this day, her daughter for the first time actually said “Hello” to an older man that had
opened the door for them. Kandy said she had never done this before and was just stunned… On December 22th…one of the girls starting singing to herself and was hard to tell which twin was autistic. I could see no difference between the girls, …I had gotten notes and calls from the
teachers at Southside Elementary telling me of the amazing changes they are seeing in my daughter and wanting to know what was changed. She started interacting with the other kids on a regular basis and now goes out into the recess area to play with the other kids… NeuroProtek was the family’s Christmas miracle …I started to cry and wanted to make sure I told you that you, your research and NeuroProtek have giver me and my husband back something that could never be repaid. You should know that I will not be saying enough great things about NeuroProtek on the autism chat sites and no one is going to be safe from my NeuroProtek cheerleading.
K M”

“ The difference for Sophia is amazing and its has only been one month. Her pediatrician, Dr. Timothy Vaughn, is stunned by the difference and can’t wait for you to lecture again so he can come listen and meet you. The first thing they noticed with two weeks was the “poop” no longer typical autism spectrum poop, but solid, clean and not difficult for Sophia. Next they noticed her focus and speech. For the first time ever, her family commented on how great Sophia was at the family Christmas and what a difference in her they saw. But the call today was by far one of the best…


Not only is Sophia greeting people and as we discussed has not one but two friends in her preschool class in which she is engaging in play and I don’t mean parallel play. The school o/t had noticed major improvements regarding self regulation and modulation which allows her to really work with Sophia to hit her IEP individual education plan-objectives. Every morning for the past two years I have asked Sophia for a good morning kiss and then kiss her. I know it is silly but even though she isn’t affectionate I haven’t give up. Yesterday and again this morning
something amazing happened Sophia unprompted kissed me really kissed me! Two years ago I cried and cried all I wanted was for Sophia to kiss me I didn’t care if she didn’t speak just wanted a kiss.
Thank you,
J C”

“Hi. Dr. Theo. Mac has been on NeuroProtek since its launch, Oct. 18, 2010, actually he took the very first bottle. In November I noticed he was communicating and understanding his other brothers much clearer. By the beginning of Dec. his school teacher sent home a note in regards to Mac’s focus and comprehension growth and was wondering what we were doing with Mac to see such a difference. His test scores and homework showed incredible improvement. I also got a call from the Boy Scout Troop leader in Dec. Mac is the only special needs child (he is
autistic and deep in the spectrum) in the troop and the leader was wondering if something was going on with Mac, as he was the only one to finish a project given to them that day and he was the only to understand the directions and not ask for assistance doing it. He noted that Mac’s focus, understanding and social skills have changed drastically within the last couple of weeks. … Mac wrote his first ever Christmas card to you and wrote his first ever short story and read it at a school Christmas function.
S M”

“Not only Sophia is greeting people and as we discussed has not one but two friends in her personal class in which she is engaging in play and I don’t mean parallel play. The school o/t has noticed major improvement regarding self regulation and modulation which allows her to really work with Sophia to hit her IEP individual education plan-objectives. Every morning for the past two years I have asked Sophia for a good morning kiss and then kiss her. I know it is silly but even though she is affectionate I haven’t given up. Yesterday and again this morning something amazing happened. Sophia unprompted kissed me really kissed me! Two years ago I cried and cried and all I wanted was for Sophia to kiss me I didn’t care if she didn’t speak just wanted a kiss. Thank you.
J C”

“Dear Dr. Theoharides,
I am a mother of a 7 year old ASD boy and have been reading with great interest your research on mast cell activation in autism. Our son has been taking Neuroprotek for several weeks now, and already there have been noticeable and very positive changes in several areas, especially in cognition and academic performance.
Best wishes,
N B”

“Dear Dr. Theoharides,
Within 3 days of starting it (NeuroProtek), her cognitive functioning significantly improved. She was able to complete sentences easily, :find” the correct words she intended to use, follow and contribute to extended conversations. Thank you for the information and the product. Sincerely,
V B”

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for these emails. My son has now been on neuroprotek since February and wow-what a difference. He has grown a lot (physically and mentally) this Spring-now at 80 lbs- we are still doing 2 pills at night and one in the morning. Take care,
K D”

“The parents of a 5 year-old Greek girl visited me with their daughter at a polyclinic (Orthobiotiki.com) in Greece after they heard me speak about autism on the Greek TV “SKY” for a few min earlier that month. The girl had regressed with a diagnosis of autistic disorder at age 3 and had not spoken since. Her behavior in the examining room ( a young female
physician was also present and neither she nor I was wearing a white coat not to intimidate the child) was quite typical with the girl not making contact with anyone, exhibiting considerable flapping and hiding behind objects in the room. The family disclosed they had mortgaged their home twice and spent the money on everything available including chelation, hyperbaric oxygen and stem cell therapy with no benefit. The child was started on NeuroProtek (two softgel capsules per day) and I saw the family again in late September. Upon my getting out to the waiting area to greet them, as I always did before they could join us in the examining
room, the young girl ran up to me and said in a complete sentence “Can I please hug you my dear doctor?” Needless to say, I was speechless, instead. During the subsequent meeting when I asked what she felt when she could not talk, she said “like being in glass box and could not break it.”

“Please send me three more bottles of NeuroProtek as soon as possible. My son is doing very well on them. Although we had tried all kinds of treatments in the past, this is the very first time that I am able to see changes like significant reduction-almost-elimination- of two autistic
elements: inappropriate laughter and verbal stimming. Also, less anxiety-I have been able to take him to the beach and leave him almost unattended, playing with his brother and sister, without having to worry about disturbing other people. Stimming is definitely much less than before, and the great thing is that we have been on NeuroProtek only 2 and a half months!!! Let me remind you that my son is already 14 years old and I have come to the point of not expecting anything anymore…!
S H”

“Verrrrrry interesting...
FYI...I ran out of Neuroprotek last week... Ordering it today...
Wanted to see if there was any difference "on" and "off" the Neuroprotek b/c we haven't seen (or rather didnt think we were seeing) any noticeable cognitive improvement... WOW... Was I wrong! My son Connor is walking around in a huge fog again ...totally out of it, can't respond as he did, has that glazed look... We are all noticing a HUGE negative change
without him on the Neuroprotek support...
Going to order a new batch as soon as paycheck comes today as it is a GIANT + for my boys...!! Good info to pass on...
C M”

“Hi, Dr. Theoharides!
My name is Beth Hendrix and I've heard you speak twice at AutismOne. I really appreciated your willingness to talk with parents after your presentations--it is such a rare opportunity for many of us to have access to a doctor who sincerely cares about our children AND makes time to communicate with us. I started giving my son, Jack, Neuroprotek in late June this year, and we saw some really promising results. Actually, I ran out last week (my husband retired from his military job and we were in shock from the pay cut--we've adjusted) and we could tell a definite difference in Jack's affect! My sister-in-law, Darcy Mancusi (whom I'd told to try Neuroprotek) told me you are collecting information about some of the kids who are taking Neuroprotek, so I'm sending in my information on my
E H”

“Dear Dr. Theoharides,


Thank you for this opportunity to confer with you on his treatment and thank you also for developing Neuroprotek and working to help children on the autism spectrum.

Stephen will be turning 11 years old next month and has autism at the severe level. He has very little speech and although his receptive language skills appear to be at the level of a five year-old, his expressive language is very limited to one-two word sentences similar to that of a
toddler. Despite this, he is a joyful and energetic child and has actually responded quite well to the Neuroprotek which we introduced on October 26th. He is taking 1 capsule per day in the morning and starting today I intend to increase the dose by one more capsule. Stephen weighs 65 lbs. The change I am seeing in Stevie since the Neuroprotek is an increased awareness and the use of new words.


Thank you again for your time, and I look forward to remaining in touch with you in helping us to recover our precious child, Stevie.
Warm regards,
D M”

“Dr. Theo,
I really enjoyed getting to talk to you on the shuttle back to the airport. I filled out the form to the best of my recollection at this time. I will have to get the papers from school regarding the scale used to diagnose the boys. I did want to tell you that I started one of the twins on Neuroprotek right away upon getting home and settled back in. Nathan has seemed to improve daily even not at optimal dose. I am about to start Jacob on it as well, but wanted to keep one of them as a control on their other regular supplements to see if I could tell a difference. Nathan even asks for his Neuroprotek since I don't have it in with their regular supplements due to the fact that they get enzymes with No-Fenol in them at that time. I will let you know what results we get with Jacob. I am taking the supplement myself and have had much fewer headaches and "allergic-type" symptoms as well. Thank you so much for your time and effort for our community. I appreciate all of the efforts you and your colleagues are making to get these studies published and in the literature so that when we tell someone what is going on they won't think we are just crazy and that our kids can improve. Thank you again,
R F”

“Dear Dr Theoharides,
Hello. It's been quite a while since we have been in touch with you and we just wanted to send you a quick update on Cody. We have been seeing great improvement with our son. He is excelling at school and his language and cognitive development is progressing nicely. We attribute this in great part to the Neuroprotek. We began giving Cody Neuroprotek last December and we are currently giving him (3) capsules a day (he weighs 64 pounds). His spots, even the very prominent ones on his back, have faded significantly. Since beginning the Neuroprotek we have even been able to completely toilet train him. Cody is in a special education class room and so he has the same teacher that he had last year. After returning to school this fall from Summer break, his teacher was astounded at all of his gains from over the Summer. We know that the Neuroprotek works and hope that other families have discovered it
as well!


Do you think that Cody would benefit further from a higher dose of
Neuroprotek? Sincerely,
J M”

“Dr. Theo is a Godsent. My son Brennan has regressive vaccine induced autism, when he regressed at 16 months old he lost everything except his ability to walk. Brennan had very limited communication and comprehension before we started neuroprotek and homeopathy
last year. Brennan was kicked out of school last year then I started neuroprotek and sent him back to school and the school was stunned at the difference they told me he talking. Neuroprotek and Dr. Theo have made a huge difference in my son. I cannot thank him enough.
D S”

“Subject: Re: NAA - Thank You and Enjoyed Talking With You


Good Morning Dr. Theoharides,


I also wanted to report to you that her focus and learning at school is much improved in the day to two days following her taking the NeuroProtek. … . Her stools have also just recently improved - more firm - Raigan's always been loose.


Thank you again for all your hard work - your research and attempt to help our children is very much appreciated.


Kat Meeks Sharp
R M”

“Dear Dr. Theo,
I did start both children on NeuroProtek right after the NAA conference. I am seeing a significant difference in my oldest son, Leo. (age9). After two days on it his stuffy nose cleared up for the first time in about 6 months! His eczema is gone, his handwriting is significantly improved, his bowel movements are more regulated (and darker in color) and he
is more focused. He seems to do better with it when I give it to him after his dinner. I think he is sleeping better with it as well. I'm sure that has something to do with the fact that his sinuses aren't swollen.


I have accidentally forgot to give him the NeuroProtek two times during the last couple weeks and the days I forget I have noticed him clearing his throat and scratching his skin. The interesting thing for me is that our entire family got sick with a cold EXCEPT for Leo. Leo is usually the one to get sick first and stay sick way past after the rest of us are well. My youngest, Joey, also seems a bit better in behaviors but not enough that I can tell if it is from the NeuroProtek.


I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Best,
M M”

“Subject: Thank you! From a mom!
Dr. Theo,
Recently, a friend of mine sent to me some information from your presentation at the NAA conference in Florida regarding mast cells, brain inflammation, oxidative stress, etc. I was amazed - my son suffers from all of these conditions you mentioned, and coincidentally - was diagnosed with moderate autism at age 5. … When I called him after I had read your papers, he done his own footwork reading about the NeuroProtek and called me to tell me "Let's start it."


Is it possible that in a mere two weeks I would be seeing improvements? My son - who, yes, is verbal mentally much younger than his ten years, has begun using phrases, words that he never has before. There hasn't been a meltdown in over a week, no hitting, kicking - acting out. This young man has all of a sudden jumped leaps and bounds! This morning, for instance, it was cold, I insisted he wear his coat, he wanted to wear his zip-up jacket. Normally, this would have ended in him screaming, kicking, having a complete meltdown. This morning, however, this little boy used his brain - stepped outside the door to FEEL the cold, and then came back in - calmly informing me that he "did not do this (shivers) and I
promise I will be fine without a coat." He actually rationalized his want to wear the jacket!! This is HUGE!!! I cannot tell you how big this is! His verbal skills, like I said...wow. Leaps and bounds. … It HAS to be the NeuroProtek, Dr. Theo. It's the only thing that we've added in the past two weeks. I've told everyone about what I have seen, and I truly believe that things will only get better. Thank you so very much for what you do, I will forever be in your debt for bringing my son to me. Sincerely,
K D”

“Hi Dr. Theoharides,
Also wanted to let you know that we are seeing a change with the Neruoproteck. Matheo seems calmer and more aware. We even did a test were I took him off it for a couple of days and he started to scream more. I will be getting some blood work soon.
All the best,
L D”

“Since taking only 1 starting in August, he has made amazing improvements. These include being able to understand some new concepts that he wasn't able to earlier, starting to do imaginative play and rapidly progressing in this area, smiling and and waving at people, sitting in Sunday School for a good while and even singing and doing hand motions to songs along with other children, using the toilet for bowel movements on his own accord, and engaging in play with his older brothers on his own accord. These are all NEW things since starting the
Neuroprotek 4 months ago.


“To: Theoharides, T.C.


Thanks again for your diligent work that has been life saving to our son!
Please feel free to use us as a reference. NeuroProtek has saved our son and given him phenomenal improvement in his quality of life. We are forever grateful.

“Hello Dr. Theo,
My son is currently taking 4 capsules of Neuroprotek. We are seeing good things! Matt takes several medications/supplements but asks to take the Neuroprotek. His diet is expanding dramatically to the point, he is finally trying, and enjoying many new foods. We are also seeing
much more spontaneous speech. Although it is somewhat difficult to understand what he is saying, the point is his attempts at conversation have greatly increased. Both his stimming and SIB (in his case he bites his finger when frustrated) have decreased. The callous on his finger is slowly healing.


I look forward to hearing how we, as parents, can best support your efforts and thank you again for your determination to help our children.
Best Wishes,
Stacy Moyer”

“The children have much improved eye contact, they socialize at school for the first time, and they started saying a few words while they had no speech before. Other parents of children with autism noticed it, too, and started asking me what I was given my children as they started standing out from the rest of the children in the special disabilities school. I told them I give them NEUROPROTEK and CODLIVEROIL. MANY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.
T R”

“Subject: (5.5 yr old autistic girl Athens, Greece)


Still on Neuroprotek and back to school again (now taking 3 caps a day) . The teachers were surprised to see that she hadn’t regressed over the Easter break ( 2 wks ) …They told me that it was as if she hadn’t even missed a day. She continues to be more social and more verbal. What both educators and myself have noticed is that she seems more organized in her speech ESPECIALLY when SHE HERSELF wants to communicate on her own. For example, over the holidays, we were at my sister’s house having dinner when my sister announced to the children
that there would be ice cream for everyone after they had eaten their meal. Marina sat down even though she was anxious to have ice cream instantly, finished her meal, got up went into the kitchen on her own, looked at my sister and said “ I ate my food. I want ice cream.” We
were all taken aback, needless to say


Thank you kindly,
C A”

“Tell him that inspired by an email conversation I had with him I asked my son's allergist if he thought a prescription antihistamine could be more helpful than OTC. He prescribed Crypoheptadine, which works in part by reducing seratonin levels. It is amazing - my Autistic son has not arm flapped, stimmed, or made loud verbal jargoning sounds since he started on it (maybe serotonin levels were too high?). He is so calm it is amazing, and, no allergy symptoms. Please thank him for the time he takes to interact with us. He helps more than he knows.

“My son has been on LP NP for 2 weeks now - he's about 80 pounds and we're at 3 caps per day. We're seeing a nice bump in communication, lessening of some anxiety and more general awareness.


One more post from me today - my son has a bit of an obsession with markers (he never uses them - just likes to manage the piles) and we have A LOT of markers. On a trip to Michael's today he wanted two packs of markers that would have totaled $20. I said no he could have one. He started to get upset and I started to map out my exit strategy in case things went ballistic. Well, he whined a bit, said he was upset and then we went to look at other markers. Next he wanted a $30 package and again I said no - $30 is too expensive. Less whining this time and
again we moved to look at other markers. He finally chose a box ($4.99) and was happy to get that box of markers. Before NP, we would have had a HUGE escalation in the store over this issue - screaming, physical aggression etc. I can't tell you how wonderful and amazing it was to
have this sort of reaction from my son!!

“It was a total pleasure meeting Dr. Theo when he attended our Masto Support group meeting in Edwardsville, Illinois (St. Louis area). He was so informative and helpful. It was wonderful to meet him and get his insight. He took the time to meet with each of us individually as well. I just
wanted to say thank you.

“Sofia is doing very well, cognition and awareness are excellent, speech is improving, and at school (kindergarten) they are talking about starting mainstreaming. She still has a lot of ADHDish behaviors and quite a bit of stemming, but we can tackle those later. I can tell the NeuroProtek us really working because if she goes 10 or 12 hours without NeuroProtek she starts stemming a lot and will go get the bottle and ask for more. Now we do go over the dosage limit listed on the bottle (low phenol version) doing 6-8 pills, but we only do NeuroProtek, CoQ10, and DHA.”

“(Translation from the Greek)
I am the mother of FV whom you saw in Athens on April 4, 2012. Now she is on the 3rd month of taking Neuroprotek, 2 capsules per day. …There is definite improvement in her speech and especially last week she said a few new words that she “retained” and several others that she verbalizes unintentionally but does not retain. However, her whole picture is exceptional.

“To: Theoharides, T.C.
Subject: Re: Hello there from Maria
Yes, Evoni is still on the NeuroProtek -- 5 caps (or slightly less, as some of it stays in the capsule) per day. She is 5 1/2 y.o. and about 44 lbs. She continues to make tremendous gains, small things but very poignant, as she started from absolutely zero. And she has not regressed at all; typically she loses everything (signing, walking, eye contact) everytime she catches a cold (or goes on antibiotics?). … But she is also healthy (PLEASE KNOCK WOOD!). We have discontinued an extensive array of supplements and she is doing better than ever. Also, she has tremendously increased eye contact (again from zero to frequent eye contact), better visual perception (she could not look directly at a photo or a TV, now she not only looks she processes) and improvement of many other autistic features. One other treatment continues to help her but we administer it very rarely: anti-fungal fluconazole. A one-month treatment (every year or so) gives her tremendous congnitive gains.

“Dr. Theoharides (translated from the Greek)
I am SF, the mother of Stellios. I wish to notify you on his progress. He has been taking one NeuroProtek capsule since April 2, 2012 with a few breaks here and there. He has shown great improvement. He learned how to bicycle-to actually move the pedals with his feet-that he had been trying to do for 2 years, learned how to use a laptop, learned how to swim and all these with little effort. He is now very sociable and the Center here he goes they found him very differenttowards the better. I am certain the capsules helped.”


“Tell Dr. Theo that inspired by an email conversation I had with him I asked my son's allergist if he thought a prescription antihistamine could be more helpful than OTC. He prescribed Crypoheptadine, which works in part by reducing seratonin levels. It is amazing - my Autistic son has not arm flapped, stimmed, or made loud verbal jargoning sounds since he started on it (maybe serotonin levels were too high?). He is so calm it is amazing, and, no allergy symptoms. Please thank him for the time he takes to interact with us. He helps more than he knows."


"Dr. Theoharides
Marina has accomplished so much especially since December 2012....    she has calmed down in general .....with some temper tantrums along the way.    She is more responsive  both physically and verbally.   She has learned to get on and ride her bicycle..  She’s become more regular  with stools and they do not smell so bad any more.   She uses longer sentences  5 –7 words and uses two sentences together.......she describes things , actions and feelings  Seems to be in better moods ....singing, dancing, running around and playing with her sister.    She took part in the school play at end of school program.....spoke her lines, waited her turn to take the mike and danced along with other kids.....with no hysterics or crying.....     Associates things better.    Sleeps through the night with no crying or frantic wake ups......still opposed to going to bed  and can delay a bit in going to sleep but no longer screaming frantically when it’s time to go to sleep.   Generally good news



“Professor Theoharides

First of all, congratulations, your articles and lectures are amazing.  I really appreciate your work.


“It was a total pleasure meeting Dr. Theo when he attended our Masto Support group meeting in Edwardsville, Illinois (St. Louis area). He was so informative and helpful. It was wonderful to meet him and get his insight. He took the time to meet with each of us individually as well. I just wanted to say thank you."


"I must give you a follow-up on my autistic patient with PANDAS who was greatly helped by NeuroProtek phenol free 3 caps bid"


"Good evening Dr. Theo,
I want to start by saying I think your work is miraculous. I admire the work you do, especially when it relates to children with Masto."






Finally, with respect to the Algonot product table (PDF), I usually recommend the following:

1. Allergies/mast cell diseases: FibroProtek 2 caps BID plus GenteDerm for skin irritation
2. Chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia: FibroProtek 2 caps BID plus GenteDerm for skin irritation
3. Interstitial cystitis/chronic prostatitis: CystoProtek 2 caps BID
4. Alzheimer's/BrainFog: NeuroProtek 2 caps BID plus BrainGain 1 cap BID or BrainGain 2 caps BID
5. Autism: NeuroProtek-Low phenol starting with 1 cap am, advancing to 1 cap am and pm in two weeks, then slowly advancing to 2 caps BID in two months, then advancing to 2 caps BID regular NeuroProtek
6. Arthritis/tendonitis: Algonot-plus 2 caps BID
7. Skin sensitivities/allergies/eczema/psoriasis: GentleDerm apply 2-4 per day as needed
8. Allergies: Hydroxyzine (Atarax) 25 mg at night up to 50 mg QSH and 25 mg am
9. IBS/migraines: Cyproheptadine (Periactin) 4 mg per day
10. Anxiety/irritability: Propranolol (Inderal) 40 mg per day (except in cases of asthma, diabetes, low BP)


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ILADS=International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
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NCIMS=North Carolina Integrative Medical Society
TARF=The Autism Research Foundation
TACA=Think About Curing Autism
ILADS=International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society



How to Explain Autism to Children

Creating the Ultimate Sensory Room for Your Toddler

Top Safety Tips and Products for Kids With Autism

How Nutrition Impacts Children With Autism

12 Popular Games Adapted for Children with Autism

18 Social Skills Activities for Kids with Autism and Sensory Issues

Home of the Low Histamine Chef - Jasmina Ykelenstam



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